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Guangzhou Dongsui Auto Accessories & Spare Parts Co., Ltd.



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Established in 2008, Guangzhou Dongsui Auto Accessories & Spare Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional auto exterior decoration production manufacturer.


Until today we have opened more than 10 e-commerce platforms, there are 4 Alibaba, 1 made-in-china, and 5 more other overseas promotions.


Guangzhou Dongsui Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is one of the professional manufacturers which is specialized in auto accessories business line in China.

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DONGSUI, with more than 20 business sales and 10 office support people, 300 factory workers, you will enjoy our value - added and one - stop service.

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china latest news about Why install bull bar for pick up trucks?
On October 18, 2022
A good guard bar not only protects the vehicle but it also makes it look better. And having it fitted will greatly enhance the appearance of your car and significantly reduce the repair bills for you in the event of an accident.Covered with premium powder coating that is corrosion, rust and impact ...
china latest news about About the Running Board.
On June 22, 2022
Trucks and SUVs are the largest they’ve ever been, growing almost 25% between 1989 and 2019. That makes it increasingly hard just to get in your door if your vehicle didn’t come from the factory with running boards. It’s particularly hard for smaller people, children, and older adults, so much so ...
china latest news about Why install roll bars?
On May 18, 2022
Why install roll bars? First,Classic Off-Road Styling. Get some timeless off-road styling when you outfit your Truck with this Classic Black Roll Bar. This form factor works to give your truck a distinctly rugged look that’s sure to turn heads.
china latest news about What is a deer guard?
On April 20, 2022
A grille guard is a handy accessory that has both functional and aesthetic appeal for truckers. On the functional side, having a solid deer guard can minimize damage during a collision with an animal. A grille guard absorbs the impact and protects the front end of the truck against major damage. We ...
china latest news about Deer Guards Installation
On April 13, 2022
Deer Guards Installation When you want to equip your truck with maximum front-end protection, set it up with a deer guard, or bumper guard. Like body armor for the front of your truck, these heavy-duty accessories preserve your headlights and guard against whatever may come their way — from a ...