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April 13, 2022

Deer Guards Installation

Deer Guards Installation

When you want to equip your truck with maximum front-end protection, set it up with a deer guard, or bumper guard. Like body armor for the front of your truck, these heavy-duty accessories preserve your headlights and guard against whatever may come their way — from a runaway deer to an onslaught of road-debris.


The deer guard installation process will vary depending on what style you choose and the vehicle in question, but the guidelines below should serve as a great starting point.

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Installation Process in 4 Easy Steps

1. Install the lower brackets onto the guard with the supplied hardware. You’ll want to hand-tighten these brackets.

2. Have somebody help you lift the bar into place. Make sure it’s centered on the bumper.

3. Drill out the bolt holes and slide a washer over each one. Then, slide the guard into the holes. Slide another washer into place and install the nuts.

4. Repeat the fitting, drilling and mounting procedure for each of the top mounts, hand-tightening each bolt. Torque all mount bolts in place.


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